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. officers don't know why the driver veered off the road. >>> a san francisco nightclub is closing down for good after a gunfire erupted over the weekend. police say three people were wounded in the shooting at the 330 rich club saturday morning. now there is road tonight from the san francisco entertainment commission that the owners surrendered their license. the commission was expected to investigate that club. >>> a judge set bail at $500,000 for the man accused of killing a newspaper vendor in january. 36-year-old mark anthony cassell is scheduled to be arraigned this week on one count of murder and elder abuse causing death. the victim, 77-year-old dallas ayers died after police say mark anthony cassell picked him up and threw him to the ground. >>> the sheriff's department is looking for this man who was mistakenly freed from jail. here is a picture. he posed as another inmate with a similar name and staff did not follow property identification procedures. he has a history of theft, and domestic violence. >>> a trial got underway to determine whether a city can enter bankruptcy.
incoming some with anti-gay messages are getting ready to run on buss. rob roth is live in san francisco where he talked with officials and people behind those ads. rob. >> reporter: the new muni bus ads are expected to run in less than two weeks. many are calling them hate speech. anti-gay messages are set to begin running april 1st. this one quotes an islamic cleric. quote, the punishment of homosexuality is the death penalty." a second ad has iranian president saying "homosexuality is ugly." both end with the statement "that's his jihad, what's yours." >> my ad is designed to save lives. refusing to call attention to the plight of gays is killing people. >> reporter: teresa sparks says geller's ads are trying to pit the gay community against muslims. >> what she's doing is trying to portray muslims and arabs has being anti-gay. and i don't think that's the case. >> reporter: the new ads follow on the heels of current ads running on a handful of buses with anti-muslim messages. last week city leaders denounced those ads. muni says it's forced to run them. >> even though we disagree wit
on spring break is shot and killed in san francisco. >>> lawmakers may soon have a deal for a new sweeping immigration policy. what it means for workers in the u.s. and those trying to get into the country. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. >>> we begin tonight with developing news in the east bay. we're getting word that a shot was shot in antioch this afternoon. our crew on the scene says it appears the child was shot in the stomach at a home on william reed drive. the youngster was flown to oakland children's hospital where we got these pictures less than an hour ago. the exact circumstances of the shooting are not clear. we will update you with more information as soon as it comes in. >>> now to san francisco where police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a college student visiting family during his spring break. jade hernandez spoke with a friend of the victim and joins us live in the city. jade? >> reporter: heather, this family is grief stricken tonight. they gathered down the block. san francisco police have not released the victim's n
the shooting happened following an argument. >> friends and relatives paid their respects in san francisco for a family killed by an alleged drunk driver in daly city. a woman and her two sons, 23 years old and 15 years old died after their car was broadsided by a speeding driver earlier this month. police arrested a 28-year-old sunnyvale man who faces three counts of gross vehicular manslaughter and other charges. >> police say a 17-year-old from richmond and a 16-year-old were arrested last thursday. authorities say they chased people walking along the path and that the pair also pushed a man off his bike and stole his cell phone. investigators are looking into whether the two boys a linked to a rash of robberies around this month. . >>> san francisco symphony has cannesed the east coast tour due to ongoing strikes by the players. the strike started last wednesday and since then four performances have been canceled. musicians rejected a proposal from a federal mediator to resume performances during a cooling off period. >> no longer will businesses need to wait weeks or months for simple
. >>> a long time musition for the san francisco symphony -- musition for the san francisco symphony died this morning. the oboist collapsed. william bennett suffered a hemorrhage. he joined the san francisco symphony in 1979 and became the principal oboist in 1987. san francisco symphony music director said of william bennett he was a great artist, original thinker and a wonderful man. i am saddened to lost such a true friend. >>> pope benedict xvi has resigned. >> bells tolled today. pope benedict xvi said farewell to well wishers at st. peter's square. he will spend two months of retirement at castel gandolfo. here in the bay area churches held services marking his last day. in san francisco they held a thanksgiving mass. parishioners offered special prayers and thanks for his service to the church. and in san jose another special mass is scheduled in under an hour. he sent a letter to parishioners inviting them to the mass. the service will mark the historic occasion. >>> only on 2 tonight, a new poll shows a majority of californians are pessimistic about the state's future. that surv
news in san francisco, police are at the scene of a shooting involving two locations. one is south of market, the other is in the city's financial district. news chopper 2s is over the scene not long after shots rang out just after 4:00. a man in his 30s was shot in the torso. the driver was not hurt and drove to market and davis where he then flagged some help. the victim was taken to san francisco general with life threatening injuries. police say the shooter who took off running is still at large. >>> san jose police say an elderly man who was reported missing early last month was found stabbed to death in his apartment today. we first told you last week how police were looking for 69-year- old stanley jacobson who suffered from dementia. jacobson's family found his body just before noon today. a suspect has been arrested but there is no other information at this time. >>> coming up, a quick break from the rain but more wet weather is on its way. i'm using storm tracker 2 isolates spots where the rain is falling tonight. >> but first, a cyclists fatal crash with a pedestrian. wh
the bodies off a beach in san francisco. fire officials say the body was spotted about 12:45 this afternoon near baker beach. investigators at this point will only say that the body is male and at this hour there are no other details about his identity or the cause of death. >>> a san jose man pleaded not guilty today to charges he plotted to blow up a bank in oakland. matthew llaneza was arraigned in federal court. prosecutors say last month he took what he believed was a real bomb to a bank of america on hagenburger road. they say the bomb was fake and given to llaneza as part of an undercover investigation. >>> the driver charged in the death of a san francisco high school student also pleaded not guilty today. 28-year-old ke era n brewer faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and driving under the influence. chang was killed saturday night as she crossed san francisco's sloat boulevard. prosecutors say chang was celebrating her 17th birthday that day. brewer's bail is set at $20,000. he is due to return to court march 27th. >>> happening right now, collin kaepernick is wrapping up an
are keeping an eye on the situation. >>> san francisco company is caught up in a hacker attack. the internet company operates the servers that spent visitors to a website that published the reports. cloud flair refused to company but he said he had been victimized by hackers. >>> a company celebrated its ipo with a big spike in its stock price. officers with silver springs ran the opening bell today. the company provides software and services for public utilities. the stock rose 29% on the first day of trading to close at $22 a share and the company rose $81 million. >>> california officials announced a new partnership with the federal government to bring two large solar projects to california. >> climate change is on the way. and we got to do something about it. >> governor jerry brown held a press conference in san francisco. the projects are in riverside county and a wind farm planned in november. they are expected to power 340,000 homes. >>> we start off the morning with coastal fog, dense fog advisory was in effect, we will see dense fog again tomorrow morning. fog moving in right now.
news. >>> crist yapgz cappen is live where this other chase ended. and it wasn't a san francisco officer who fired the shot. >> reporter: yes, you can see a bullet hole in this fence near this morning's shooting. this morning, we are hearing that the suspect pulled a gun and san francisco police say it was a daly city police officer who fired on that suspect fearing for his own life. san francisco and daly city police investigated for hours this morning following a pursuit that ended with a daly daly city policer shooting and killing a suspect. san francisco police say a daly daly city policer officer initially spotted the car at the intersection of barbara and john daily boulevard. one of their officers spotted the car in the city and gave chase. >> the driver brandished the fire arm at the officers. >> reporter: officers say the driver made a sharp turn from bay shore onto hester and jumped out of the car. the passenger surrendered immediately but the driver ran away with the gun. >> the police officers approached the fleeing driver who then raised his gun at the officers. a po
for your first day of spring tomorrow. i'm monitoring that next. >>> san francisco giant's pitcher is suing for $3 million. >>> right after the break, a follow up to a story we told you about. decisions to make it easier to get a cab and why not all drivers are on board. >>> city leaders in san francisco are meeting to discuss a plan to give customers real time tracks of taxi cabs. dozens of driers line driveers lined up >> why should we do that if we can just go get a pink mustache. >> advocates say it will help them compete. we'll have more details after the meeting tonight. >>> pa lowe alto drugmaker is laying off. they may have to sell after they had to recall their only drug with serious side effects. 75% of the workforce is being laid off. san francisco's city attorney is calling to crack down on labeling of caffeinated drinks. a letter from scientist points to studies about the negative effects of high caffeine. they want manufacturers to include caffeine context. >>> march madness is i
in san francisco this week. the girl and her family were in town for a wedding. she was kicked so hard she fell bruising her head and wrist. she also threatened other parents saying she would kill their children. >> i have to say this is a first time we have seen a case where we had a toddler being assaulted. it was the level of violence by a stranger in front of the parents. >> reporter: the district attorney expects she will be evaluated for mental illness or drug abuse. the judge granted a request that she be ordered to stay away from 7 people, including 3 children. live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the man suspected of shooting a rapper in las vegas is refusing to wave extra decision to nevada. ammar harris was arrested in southern california but his public defender asked authorities to produce a warrant for extra decision that would delay his trip by several weeks. harris is suspected of firing fatal shots from his range rover into a maserati driven by kenneth wayne cherry, an aspiring rapper who called himself kenny clutch. >>> san jose police and sc
take a second vote before the measures take effect. >>> now to a developing news in san francisco, dozens of city workers and their supporters are gathered at city hall at this hour protesting possible wage cuts. we want to show you a live picture here inside the city hall rotunda in the last five minutes as we've been watching they've been applauding and cheering. this has been going on now for over an hour. members of the feiu 1021 labor union say the city plans to cut wages on positions held by women. we will keep you posted here if there are any arrests we understand that some protesters may want to be arrested. we're keeping an eye on this, we'll keep you posted throughout the course of this newscast. >>> the highway patrol reopened highway 101 after a serious accident. the chp says 26-year-old ronny morales andino was speeding and making aggressive lane changes when he lost control near the redwood landfill just before 1:15 this afternoon. his volkswagen rear ended a gmc yukon. andino suffered serious injuries. the lanes were closed so that a medic helicopter could land. >>>
, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we're following developing news in san francisco where a man was struck and killed by a bart train. officials say if appeared the man jumped into the train. bart is still single tracking trains through the area which is causing major delays along the s.f.o. directions. >>> a man pleaded not guilty today to murder. 77-year-old dallas airs died. it happened in january outside of the montgomery bart station in san francisco where ayers worked for 30 years. >>> a san jose man was charged in alleged debt reduction scheme. santa clara county prosecutor said robert childs ran -- investigators say he required participants to pay up front fee 50% of their debt to sign up for the service. officials say childs has been convicted twice before. >>> an 8-year-old girl left the hospital today a day after she was shot in the leg by an arrow. here's a picture of that crossbow arrow that was released by uc berkeley police. just about an hour ago, the family of nadine harrison gave us permission to use these pictures that shows the little girl on the left and the arrow and
and shots fired in san francisco. around 4:30 a.m. a man flagged down a taxi near jackson and buchanan street. the man began jumping on the vehicle, shattering the windshield. the cabdriver escaped from the vehicle leaving the keys in the ignition. the suspect took off in the cab. police tracked the taxi to jackson and spruce streets. the suspect drove toward the officers clipping a patrol car. when the officers fired at the cab, but the suspect didn't stop. >> our dispatch supervisor got on the phone to the police. told the police what happened and was able to follow on it the gps screen and tell the police where the cap -- cab was. the cab was found in the marina district. the suspect was arrested on carjacking and assault on a police officer. >>> richmond police are looking for two gunman who shot and killed a bart passenger last night. the shooting happened in front of commuters at the richmond bart station. the victim was shot at the main entrance. investigators are looking at video to see if the gunman were riding bart before the shooting. >>> the fbi is asking for help locating
the streets. >>> 2400 fans here. 2700 fans coming up in a long winds mean big business in san francisco as they cruise liner makes. 35 it's new home. >> a good evening everyone. despite an arrest for her murder the search has never ended up for s-sierra lamarr and it continued today. one year since the south of beit teenager was last seen alive. our reporter is in fremont with the friends and family as they mark this anniversary. >> reporter: the last of the days events wrapped up just a short time ago here in fremont the goal of all of them to keep serous picture interning out there. friends and family marked the first anniversary of her disappearance. >> a year ago today the most important person in my life went missing. >> bullet that went missing. >> it's a sad day that i was hoping would never come there is nothing worse than not knowing what has happened to your child. >> last me someone was arrested in her kidnapping and murder. unfortunately he is saying absolutely nothing and leaving it to everyone else to try to figure out what happened to this young girl. >> reporter: thousan
. >> happening now gay marriage supporters rallying at the state court building in san francisco. it's where the legal debate started. the state court legalized same sex marriage back in 2008 but months later voters passed proposition 8. our crew at this rally is interviewing a local minister who came under fire with her church for preforming gay marriages. we will have her story at seven. bus loads of proposition 8 supporters rallied in the capitol. there are no reports of injuries or arrests. one group travel from north carolina to be there. >> the fate of proposition 8 now rests with the supreme court. david stevenson was inside. >> reporter: it was nine years in the making. the hearing today was at times very fast moving, 80 minutes in all and also very pointed. take a look at the sketches of what the courtroom looked like. justices took up if prosecutors had the standing to even bring the case to court but one said they had questions about if such bans were constitutional and the role of procreation in marriage. >> there is considerable disagreement among some as to what the consequen
justification. why a san francisco neighborhood is worried about losing its character. >> complete bay area news coverage. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. a man mistakenly branded by one of their most wanted criminals is now suing the city for the suffering he says he had to endure because of that mistaken identification. ktvu's patty lee is live in oakland. a dui from five years ago. >> that's right, the oakland police department is in the hot seat for misidentifying a web designer as a gang member. that unwanted man has filed that lawsuit and suing the city and the chief of police for liable and damages. when oakland police misidentified him as one of the city's most wanted criminals last february, it nearly ruined his life. >> i don't know what people think about me. i don't want to be the criminal. >> the 37-year-old says he had to move three times since his photograph was publicly released and he can't find work. problems his lawyer, john burres blames on the police. >> he had moved, he had to deal
for this city. >> reporter: they will be posted on buses for four weeks. san francisco supervisors tomorrow will vote on a resolution condemning the ads. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a deadly head on crash today closed down highway 92 92 between the peninsula and the coast. it happened after 6:00 a.m. this morning. the california highway patrol said the driver of a car crossed a double yellow line to pass a big rig and didn't see a oncoming truck and crashed into it head on. the jetta driver was killed. the driver of the truck suffered non-life suffering injuring. >>> police arrested a man in connection with a weekend traffic accident that killed three people. police arrested denis pereirade macedo on suspicion of three counts of homicide. he was found uninjured near the crash site saturday night. investigators say his car broad sided the victim's car. killing the driver and her two sons. a 4th person a girlfriend of the victim remains in the hospital. >>> an investigation is underway to determine how a homeless man gained access to the top of a elevator before
. it will start in san francisco in may and it will take several months to across the country. it crews at -- cruises at 40 miles per hour. >>> researchers said they created a living computer. they found a way to store and transmit data by manipulating dna inside cells. that could lead to ways to treat disease. >>> live storm tracker 2, showing green. this is a sign of things to come. a weather system heading our way and which part of your weekend could be wet. >> yosemite national park is about to unveil their new tents after the hantavirus outbreak, the latest on the hantavirus situation. hello. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. >>> police are trying to identify a woman whose body was found this morning of the the body was discovered at 7:15 a.m. they are treating it as an unatt
today. >> san francisco police and an oakland raider join the fight against bullying. how they are hoping to empower children. >>> a very nice saturday across the entire bay area. here's our live camera looking outside. a few high clouds out there, coming up, the neighborhoods that will hit the low 70s and i'll let you know if we'll have any rain clouds in the forecast. >> why researchers weren't worried about the asteroid the size of a football headed our way today. ♪ roundup ♪ i want a weed free season, that's how i roll ♪ ♪ so i reach for roundup extended control ♪ ♪ with the all-new, no pump, one-touch wand ♪ ♪ it kills weeds dead and keeps weeds gone ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control ♪ i just spray them weeds, then spray them cracks ♪ ♪ the weeds are gone, and they won't be back ♪ ♪ driveway, patio, i just spray once ♪ ♪ and it's adios weeds for up to four sweet months ♪ [ whip cracks ] ♪ roundup extended control [ male announcer ] roundup extended control ♪ yeha with the new one-touch wand. [ whip cracks ] >>> more
to show you the new sink holes opening up and explain the new risk facing this san francisco neighborhood tonight. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. new sink holes are opening up tonight in a san francisco neighborhood that flooded after a water mane ruptured. ktvu david joins us now live with new concerns the situation there could get worse as rain moves in this week. david. >> julie, you can see one of three red tagged homes behind me. this neighborhood is struggling to recover even as residents here make some disturbing discoveries every day. >> it still hasn't sung in yet, you know. >> raven cruze bought his 145th avenue home last year. an underground water pipe ruptured last wednesday sent 10s of thousands of gallons of water rushing down his street. >> this morning we found a sink hole in our place. >> today as cruz repaired the street and neighbors continued cleaning out their homes, cruz made his depressing discovery in the family room. >> there was f
it live on air or at or mobile ktvu. >>> a hearing began today to determine if a san francisco man will stand trial for felony manslaughter stemming from a bicycle accident. prosecutors say christopher bookary was riding his bike over the speed limit when he struck and killed sue chee wee on market street last march. surveillance of the accident was played in court today. the attorneys have filed a motion to have the mans case dismissed or reduced to a misdemeanor. the judge will take up that motion tomorrow. >>> officers are going door to door in one east bay neighborhood to let them know that a registered sex offender is about to move in after being in prison for 25 years. mike is live in bay point where this isn't the first time -- this isn't the first time a high level sex offender has been sent there. >> charles cristman here is number two, he is scheduled to move into this cottage behind me, tuesday the latest. the issue is the location, because up the street, about 400 or 500 yards is a school home to hundreds of students. deputies are knocking on doors and handing out f
will have officers on campus till the source of the threat is found. >>> the city of san francisco has come up with a plan to deal with public drunkenness. repeat offenders will be arrested ask thrown into -- and thrown into jail and give an choice of jail or a trip to rehab. san diego launched a similar program. san francisco's program could begin this may. >>> the department hit two bars with suspension notices, meaning they could no longer sell alcohol. the employees had customers buy them alcoholic beverages which is illegal and the stop and save is suspended for two violations for alcohol sales to minors. >>> they were scheduled to perform at new york's carnying haul today instead musicians played on the sidewalk today. the reason, a wage dispute. [ music playing ] >> the musicians strike is in its second week for wages and benefits. and no new negotiations are scheduled. talks broke down when the health plan was discussed. now a work shop is at risk of being canceled. >>> new report says the state's teacher pension fund is facing a $70 billion short fall. the pension fund will be brok
to show furniture being thrown out of a window of a san francisco building may soon be removed. you may have seen this. the art on a former hotel is known as defenestration. the city now owes the property and is considering a project to build affordable housing. they will review a demolition project in april. >>> turned out to be a beautiful day. the winds are up a little bit. they sure were this morning and this afternoon. but the winds are going to die down. inland as well up near the delta. weather system is fanning out of the area that's just because the jet stream has decided to do this. it's going well to the north of us for the next couple of days. it does change around, we get a chance for showers as we get into tuesday night, wednesday, thursday. kind of in that period. right now it's hard to say how much rain we could get but certainly feels like a moist or wet pattern so that will be the good news for the middle of next week. in the meantime enjoy the bay area weekend because the weather is shaping up. pretty nice in the evening hours so if you're out and out going to the mo
offices will remain in san francisco, but the deal is coming under criticism from the author's guild president who said there is a conflict when a huge book- selling website such as amazon, buys a website that reviews and recommends books. >>> and plans for a 54-story building next to the transbay terminal tower getting underway. the development company announced the finalized sale on fremont street including 684,000 square feet of office space and residential condos that is expected to be complete by 2015. >>> the public may get a chance to weigh in on stanford's mixed use development project that calls for five buildings. it would go at 500le camino real. and the menlo park city council is considering scheduling a discussion about the project. >>> a new analysis finds many facebook users can't help but check in on their facebook page throughout the day. facebook looked at the daily and weekly activity of smart phone owners and found 61% use it on a daily basis. 62% of those questioned immediately grabbed their phone right after they woke up. e-mail is the most popular smart phone a
francisco says it will lose $25 million in federal funding and the san francisco unified school district says it faces a loss of $4 million used for nutrition and head start programs. >>> california republicans are gathering tonight in sacramento for the party's three-day annual spring convention. at the top of the agenda is figuring out how to best move forward after a blistering defeat in november. the election gave democrats a two-thirds majority in both the state assembly and the senate. a thousand gop delegates are expected to attend this weekend's convention to discuss how best to rebuild their party. >> as time goes on and voters are going to want solutions to the record-high unemployment and taxes, republicans need not only to have a plan, but a relationship with those voters. >> state republicans are also facing some financial challenges with the party's $500,000 in debt. >>> santa clara county supervisor george shirakawa resigned from office today, claiming a gambling addiction led him to illegally spend tens of thousands of dollars in funds. he spent $130,000 in campaign funds
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